Handmade in New York

Flip Flops - End of season SALE!

Above is a pair with one year's hard NYC wear on them. They have only gotten more beautiful since last August, with their patina of wear.

End of season '18 special pricing (many sizes still available) get them before they are gone! $51 (plus shipping and handling $9)

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The deep burgandy straps are sturdy, 2.3mm combination tan upper leather. The 3.2mm insole is 100% vegatable tan leather. These hand picked leathers show natural markings and character, sorted and matched to make each pair unique. The outsole is a durable, 1/4" Vibram Pyramid cushion crepe. No heel.

These minimulist flip flops, with only three components, scream sophistication. By the experienced makers' hands and their talent, these sandals reflect individuality through simple elegance.